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 We want every student in California to have the opportunity to join a robotics team. Robotics in schools exposes students to industry-level practices like CAD and Image Recognition while building teamwork and collaborative skills. Providing funding to schools and directly to teams removes a cost barrier, supporting new and under-resourced teams. Thus, we want federal dollars given to California to be increasingly allocated to bills supporting robotics; during our California Advocacy Leadership Conference, teams will learn to ask our representatives for additional funding for extracurricular activities and robotics teams.

For so many of us, robotics has changed the course of our lives. We advocate for students in California who can't experience the things we can.

Our leadership conference is held by experts in advocacy who will walk students through every step of advocating for robotics and STEM, and provides the opportunity to build relationships with other advocators and legislative staff.

Start your team on the journey of advocacy in our California Advocacy Leadership Conference!

As someone who has been lucky enough to participate in robotics for most of my life, I recognize the importance of CASA's work in California. We need to work together to ensure robotics has the advocacy edge for months, decades, and years to come...

Trevor Leung

FIRST Alumni, Inaugural CALC Attendee

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