California Association for STEM Advocacy


Advocacy is defined as “any action that speaks in favor of, recommends, or argues for a cause”. You can advocate for anything—a better grade on a test, a promotion at your job, more funding for your school club. For us at CASA, the causes we advocate for are more focused: our goal is to increase funding for STEM education, and especially for robotics clubs or organizations within California. Because we’re working on the side of the representatives who lobby for bills in our best interest, our advocacy methods are the same ones used in governmental lobbying!

How do we start advocating?

All advocators start from scratch: reaching out to local representatives, and checking if their interests match yours.

Find your target
Do some research to find your local Assemblyperson, or your school board member—anyone who fits the profile of your advocacy goal. Reach out to your representative's office, and request a meeting.
Form a relationship
Schedule a meeting—online is fine, but in-person if possible—with your advocacy target. Come prepared with fellow advocators, personal anecdotes, and a great deal of knowledge on your subject.
Stay in touch
Don't let go of your contact! Email your advocacy target right after the meeting, thanking them for their time. Invite them to check out a robotics tournament or workshop, and check in every so often to keep the relationship strong.

Advocacy is about RELATIONSHIPS! Do everything you can to maintain yours.


Email your representative’s office (or other advocacy target) and wait for a response!


If your representative or representative staff member isn’t available to meet online or in-person, ask for a phone callit’s much better than talking over email!

Meet Online

Representative staff are usually happy to meet online. In your email, request an online meeting to discuss your advocacy efforts.


During vital points of the bill writing season, meetings with representatives are at their most impactful and crucial. Our California Advocacy Leadership Conference is scheduled during such a time, so attendees can make the greatest impact possible on day 2 of the conference.