California Association for STEM Advocacy


Thanks to all attendees for the 2023 California Advocacy Leadership Conference! You made our first in-person conference a resounding success.

Next year, we will return to Sacramento for our 3rd Annual CALC. If you’d like to be notified for our upcoming advocacy conference in November 2024, fill out the form below.



Join our first in-person advocacy workshop at the State Capitol
on November 5-6, 2023.

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First In-Person Conference

We are proud to bring our 2nd Annual advocacy conference in-person near the State Capitol at the Capitol Event Center! This is a fantastic opportunity for teams to network, meet inspiring figures in advocacy, and grow their advocacy efforts through meetings at the State Capitol in Sacramento.

Meet with Assembly Members

As part of our pre-conference preparation, all teams will engage with Assembly Members in their district to set up in-person meetings with Assembly staff. CASA will guide all teams through this process, so that on Day 2 of the Conference, your teams will have the opportunity to advocate directly for robotics and STEM at the State Capitol.

Network with Robotics Teams

The most important aspect of advocacy is building relationships– not just with Assembly Members or Senators, but with fellow advocates, such as the Californian robotics teams you’ll meet at our conference in Sacramento. CALC will provide have plenty of chances to meet other teams, practice inter-team meetings, and team-build with other STEM advocates.

meeting with reps

Hands-on meeting support from CASA

CASA’s mission is to ensure every team 1) has an opportunity to meet in-person with their representatives at the State Capitol, 2) feels confident and prepared to advocate for STEM during these meetings. Prior to the conference, CASA will help you organize and schedule these in-person meetings with office staff over email, and will make sure you know where in the State Capitol you need to go on Monday!

Pricing for Registration

Individuals and teams can choose to attend the conference in-person or online. There are benefits and drawbacks to both, but we personally recommend the in-person option with multiple students attending.

Individual | In-Person

1 membership to CALC
  • Full conference access for 1 individual
  • CALC Materials included
  • Representative meeting support


1 membership to CALC
  • 1 access ticket to the online conference stream
  • In-Person

    – Recommended for teams interested in long-term advocacy efforts
    – Ability to make the most impact
    – Can attend meetings with representative staff at the State Capitol
    – More engaging & ability to ask questions
    – CALC Materials (meeting packet, tips and tricks, notes, notepad) included

  • Online

    – Good for getting a taste of advocacy

    – Heavily discounted price


What difference is there between in-person and online?

Our California Advocacy Leadership Conference aims to equip all attendees, in-person and online, with strong knowledge and developed confidence for advocacy meetings. However, there are some differences between the two, aside from the obvious; in-person attendees will receive more on-site support preparing for their Capitol meetings, extra keynote speakers, and CASA-provided badges, nametags and a meeting packet. Online attendees will receive a digital copy of these resources.

What does CALC registration provide, and what will I need to purchase myself?

For lunch during the main day of the conference, Sunday, we will provide catered food in line with each attendee’s dietary restrictions. (More information available upon request.) Due to the scattered team schedules of Monday, your team will be responsible for all other meals for the second day of the event during your meetings at the State Capitol.


If you plan to stay overnight for the conference, you will need to provide for your own overnight accommodation. CASA has bargained a reduced rate for our attendees at one hotel near the Capitol Events Center, and you can find more details here:

How do we set up meetings at the State Capitol?

All California Assembly Members have staff that are available to contact over email, which is how advocacy meetings are initiated between advocator and the staff of the office. The difficulty comes in finding the right people to contact, as well as sending a verified and concise advocacy email that the staff will recognize as legitimate. That’s where CASA comes in- as part of pre-meeting preparation, we will walk you through setting up meetings at the State Capitol, so you will have an guaranteed meeting during the Monday of the conference.

What do I bring to CALC?

All attendees will wear their team merch (t-shirt, hoodie) during the main day of the conference (Sunday). During your Capitol meeting on Monday, everyone attending a meeting must wear a suit or equivalent formal dress.


Most attendees take notes during the conference, so be sure to bring a notepad and pen or laptop. We recommend that teams bring 5-10 business cards or flyers to distribute to the teams during the networking section of our conference. Additionally, we recommend that you bring ~$15 dollars for each meal you anticipate having in Sacramento.

Questions? Email us at!